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News Flash! Mrs. Dowd's is Now SES Approved

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What is SES?

Current News   | Summer 2005  |  Fall 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005
Berwyn Heights, Maryland

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers,

Today I would like to tell you about a new adventure for our company, and most importantly, for all of you! So let's start by discussing what this venture is!

January 27, 2005, Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service was awarded, along with nine other companies, certification from the Maryland State Department of Education to be put on the list of SES (supplemental educational services) providers.

Are you wondering what SES providers do? SES providers are tutors that are allowed to work with any student that needs extra help in schools under a state improvement "watch" - in other words, the schools are not performing up to standards the state has set; so parents with students in those schools can call companies that tutor - but only if they are on the "list." AND...great news...WE ARE!

So, Mom and Dad, call us! We will be serving all the schools in Maryland. If your school is listed on the second page of the SES brochure, and if you want up to 27 hours of free tutoring (thanks to the No Child Left Behind mandates!) call 301.345.3693 and we will let you know how we can work with your student.

Hope to hear from a lot of you! Be safe, (students: Do your homework!) and, oh yes, take a moment to really smell the roses.

Blessed by His Presence,

Mrs. Eileen Dowd