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Meet Mrs. Dowd

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Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service
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Mrs. Dowd's Testimony

For many years, I wondered if God had decided that I needed constant pruning! For after a very successful first company, it seemed that I was tossed from job to job - in all types of fields.

What did I do?

  • I served as a home and hospital teacher, going from school to school with special needs kids.

  • I carted books and books up and down steps of different high schools, and usually wound up teaching in closets!.

  • I did a stint with the US Department of Labor in the Census gathering, door to door, information on who people said they were on forms.

  • I ran from huge dogs in certain parts of Maryland, and listened endlessly to people saying they didn’t like the Census....

  • I served hot dogs and swept floors at the University of Maryland Concessions Stand.

  • I then served as the Executive Director of a world-class children’s choir, where the children sang for the President of the United States and traveled to Canada on a humanitarian mission of goodwill and song.

  • After that, I became one of 12 to attend and graduate from the Non-profit Executive Research Institute through a grant from Georgetown University and the Kellogg Foundation - that served me with several consulting contracts, primarily in marketing.

  • I also served the homeless and an abused wife and children through our ministry called Harbor House - and we were blessed to have several international students stay with us from China, Japan, Hungary, Taiwan, Korea, etc....

  • In a different line entirely, I was a paid consultant to CEO’s of small companies on their start-up plans.

  • Finally, most recently, I was asked to serve as a District Secretary for three Delegates! Talk about a wide variety of work experiences!

  • Yet, the question kept coming back to me: Lord, why haven’t you settled me in a good paying job that will pay my kids’ tuition at Christian schools? The cars kept breaking; the back porch on the back of our house was about ready to fall off; we had very little furniture to speak of; and our "net worth" was no doubt zero. Okay, I thought to myself, you Father God, are definitely trying to tell me something!

    Finally, God spoke to my heart. What I believe the Lord was trying to tell me was that it didn’t matter what you did in life, as long as you served the One who created the foundation of the world. In a way, I was His ambassador, and so I began to think of myself as part of God’s Temporary Agency. If He needed me somewhere, I simply showed up and served.

    But somewhere in the serving God process, a plan to emerge that He did indeed have a steady, real job for me - a teaching service that would serve teachers, students and their families. I began to put the word out to those teachers I felt led to approach, and all of them were enthused. They were also all Christians.

    As our first and then second meeting took place, and the idea of a viable teaching service, ie, tutoring with standards, came into being, I began to see that Our Father wanted to be the CEO of the company. So that is who actually runs MDTS: God. Yep, and he is the one we honor, and the one we serve. To God be the glory!

    Blessed by His Presence,

    Mrs. Eileen Dowd