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Mrs. Dowd's Welcomes New Teachers

Mrs. McMullen grades papers while students have a snack.

Kathy McMullen
St. Luke's Summer Program


Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service
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Home Schoolers

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New Staff Requirements for Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service

Thank you for your interest in Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service! In modern life, paperwork is inconvenient but necessary. At Mrs. Dowd's we are no exception. Please complete this paperwork so that we can place you with students as quickly as possible.

Blessed by His Presence,


New Teachers, Student Teachers, and Teaching Assistants need to provide this paperwork to our office:

Fingerprint Information

You can be fingerprinted at your local police department. Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service's Authorization Number is listed under Harbor International. The Authorization Number is #0400123183.

Once completed, fingerprinting should be sent to:

    Information Technology & Communications Division
    Criminal Justice Information System-Central Repository
    P.O. Box 32708
    Pikesville, MD 21282-2708

The Information Technology & Communications Division's main number is (410) 764-4501. Their toll free number is (888) 795-0011.